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Impact Foundation offers resources that equip nonprofits to accomplish their missions, specifically by teaching them how to master fundraising. Thanks to valuable partners, visionary directors, and a driven staff, our track record of impact produces tens of millions of dollars in charity sector expansion.


Over a decade of work has built a non-profit community that’s keeping medicine in rural towns, food pantries brimming, roofs over the homeless, places where abandoned animals are adopted as pets, breathtaking artistic productions—and much more.


Impact Foundation serves non-profits in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota and is a co-host of Giving Hearts Day, a 24-hour giving day that has raised nearly $90 million for regional charities over the course of twelve years. It was founded by and is a proud partner with Dakota Medical Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation.


Our Team

Patrick Traynor headshot

Patrick Traynor

Executive Director


Pat plans, supervises, and directs Impact Foundation operations under the general direction of the Board of Directors utilizing the Carver Model of Board Governance. Previously, Pat served as the Executive Director and CEO of the ND Workers Compensation Bureau and practiced law in Fargo, ND. Pat has led the foundation since its inception in 2005.

Scott Holdman headshot

Scott Holdman

Chief Transformation Officer


Scott creates training and resource pathways for others to make an impact. He is an innovator in nonprofit fundraising who, through training and coaching, helps charities as they solve complex community challenges. He was the co-founder of FundingLogic, a framework for nonprofits of all sizes to catapult their fundraising. Through the Impact Institute, Scott has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to build and adapt this framework for long-term fundraising success.


Scott is certified in Fundraising Management by Indiana University and is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

Jessica Offerman

Executive Manager


Jessica coordinates daily operations for Impact Foundation and manages the overall flow of projects and resource creation for nonprofit members.
Jessica has a rich history of volunteering and working with nonprofit organizations, which greatly influences her role as the Executive Manager for the Impact Institute. Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Development from the University of Northern Iowa. She joined the Foundation in 2015.

Tanner Olson

Special Project Coordinator


Tanner provides support on special projects and initiatives for Impact Foundation. He was previously the Program Manager for the foundation’s Procurement Technical Assistance Center, working with small businesses to secure government contracts. He joined the foundation in 2013.