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There is no wrong way to be a Giving Hearts Business! We invite you to join this day of generosity by either donating or serving. Take a moment to explore the ways you can do each by clicking the links below. You can also dive deeper in the free downloadable guidebook!



However you choose to give back, we encourage you to help us promote Giving Hearts Day in any way you can! Check out the link below for helpful resources!


Thank you to our 2023 Giving Hearts Businesses!

Your enthusiasm and dedication to supporting local charities made Giving Hearts Day 2023 a day to remember!

2023 Featured Sponsors



Matt's Automotive

Giving back to the community is one of the values that shapes the strong culture at Matt’s Automotive. Their organization is involved in giving, volunteerism, and donating goods for Giving Hearts Day. Matt’s Automotive financially supports charities near and dear to their hearts, invites employees, business partners, and clients to get involved (even putting Giving Hearts Day invitations into each vehicle they service!), and ran a “goods” campaign that offered a free oil change for those who brought in a bag of groceries for those in need.

Thunder Coffee

Thunder Coffee

Thunder Coffee exists to bring people together over community-driven coffee. This crew not only talks the talk, they walk the WALK. Thunder Coffee continues to foster community by: partnering with local schools to teach students about giving, inviting elementary students to color coffee sleeves of kindness for GHD, and donating dollars to causes near and dear to their heart. This year, Thunder Coffee is busy at their coffee roastery developing a one-of-a-kind “Giving Hearts Day Roast”. A percentage of sales from these limited edition beans will support local charities.

Berkshire Hathaway_72dpi

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Premier Properties & Heritage Homes

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Premier Properties and Heritage Homes are long-time Giving Hearts Business partners and serve as a model for how to brilliantly spread the word about Giving Hearts Day and helping others with our community. In addition to donating, these organizations take Giving Hearts Day communications to another level through sharing employee stories about giving back, hosting Facebook Live sessions, advertising on their billboard, turning the lights on their building RED, and also being personal ambassadors for charities and Giving Hearts Day.


When you sign up, your organization is committing to sharing about GHD to employees, customers, or your network. There is no financial commitment required. If your organization chooses to give of their time, talents, or treasure to a charity(ies) of your choice – we are incredibly grateful! There are many ways to give back, check out the “How to Participate” section on this page.

Yes! We have a new system this year where we need organizations to sign up (both new and returning businesses). This will allow us to count you as a 2024 Giving Hearts Business and send some important information your way.

Absolutely! There are no limits to how small or large a businesses can be to promote Giving Hearts Day.
We would love for you to sign up to be a 2024 GHD business and get you connected to all the resources and tools that will support your organization. 

Giving Hearts Day is a great place to start or enhance building a give-back culture in your workplace.
Giving Hearts Day offers a built-in platform to promote local charities and gives your employees the ability to support the charity of their choice. Our team would love to give you the tools and resources you need to start implementing Giving Hearts Day and a giving culture in your business. In fall 2023, you can start by using the “Sign Up Today” button on this page to be a 2024 GHD Business. Then check out the different ways to participate above and do what feels best for your organization and culture.

No approvals needed! We encourage your organization to get creative in how you want to be part of Giving Hearts Day and the charity(ies) you support. It’s all about what feels good to your organization.
We look forward to seeing and hearing about your GHD campaigns!

Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour giving event for charities in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. It takes place annually on the second Thursday of February. Learn more about the history of Giving Hearts Day HERE!
Save the Date! Thursday, February 8, 2024


Business signups will open in fall 2023. In the meantime, you can join the Giving Hearts Day Business Group on Facebook to begin engaging with other business and start planning!



Important! Both NEW and RETURNING organizations
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Every year, businesses join the Giving Hearts Day generosity movement to do GOOD in our communities. We are excited to partner with you on becoming a 2024 Giving Hearts Business.

Whether you decide to join in by promoting and sharing the day or your organization gives of their time, talent, or treasure to a participating charity – we are thankful for your serving hearts.

Your business is helping our community to make this the Biggest Giving Hearts Day Ever!

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Important! Both NEW and RETURNING organizations
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