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Host a Goods Drive


Did you know that you can be part of the Giving Hearts Day movement by donating goods to a charity?!

If your organization coordinates a goods drive or supports a charity through donations of goods – we want to include you as Giving Hearts Business.

Using our site, you can find charities looking for specific goods to help support their mission. This functionality is open year-round to you for quick and easy searching. Click here to access hundreds of charities in need of goods in our region!



New to hosting a goods drive? The following is a 10 step process to help get you started:
1. Select the charity/cause you’d like to support (click here!)
2. Select the specific good(s) to collect.
3. Set a date, time, and location for your drive.
4. Put together a team/committee to organize.
5. Share and promote the drive.
6. Don’t forget about social media.
7. Organize incoming donations.
8. Record donation metrics – people want to see success!
9. Deliver your donations – capture photos and stories!
10. Share your gratitude, impact stories, and final results with the team!

Nope, not at all! Our intent is having organizations pledge to give goods to a participating charity within the calendar year. You can host the goods drive or donate goods at the time that works best for you.

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