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Because of you


got a second chance.

Because of you

The Guys

got to stay together.

Because of you


found a forever home.


Giving Hearts Day is more than one day. It leads to a lifetime of generosity.
Individuals, businesses, and schools alike are called to share in the joy of giving. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the celebration, whether it be through your time, talents, or voice. With more than 560 charities participating, there is an abundance of ways to help. We have the resources for you to maximize your efforts with the charity(ies) your heart chooses.
Find your role in the wave of giving that is flooding the region. Give wholeheartedly this Giving Hearts Day.
Giving Hearts Day Individuals


Group of volunteers building a house wearing a facemask during the COVID-19 pandemic


Participate in Giving Hearts Day 2024

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Featured Charities

Friends of the Children Fargo-Moorhead

The cycle of generational poverty can be broken. Friends of the Children has been doing it for more than 26 years. How? With a courageous, proven mentoring model.

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Kritter Krazy- Reptile and Exotic Rescue

We serve our community and the animals in it through Rescue, Rehab, Rehoming and Education. Our main goal is to provide a safe rehoming option to people with exotic animals and curve impulse buys.

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Impact - Bethany and Levi Andrist Family Fund

To support programs and initiatives within the scope of the broad charitable purposes of Impact Foundation.

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Countdown to Giving Hearts Day

February 8, 2024