School Partners | Giving Hearts Day - a Fundraising Event for Charities



1. Become a Giving Hearts Day ambassador.

Parents and teachers, talk to your children, classroom and fellow parents about what Giving Hearts Day is and why giving is important. Encourage them to start a Giving Hearts Day giving tradition this year (we can provide templates and messaging for you). If that’s not something you are comfortable with, consider volunteering to “turn your school red” on February 10th.

2. Encourage students in giving activities.

Teachers, help create the next generation of givers by having your classroom participate in a service challenge or random acts of kindness. You can also host a session for your students on creating a culture of giving in your classroom and community (again, the Giving Hearts Day team can provide ideas and materials).

3. Have your classroom experience the joy of giving first hand.

Consider having a business or parents sponsor Giving Hearts Day gift cards for your whole class. You have the option for each student to receive a gift card or for the class to make a donation together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Giving Hearts Day team for help finding a business partner.


  • Kindness Bingo – Teach your class about the joys of giving through a fun, engaging Giving Hearts Day activity
  • Volunteer – Have your students log their volunteer hours with a local charity
  • Research Reports – Have each of your students research and give a short presentation on a Giving Hearts Day charity
  • Penny War – If you want to get multiple classrooms at your school involved, have them compete in a friendly penny war, with the winning class choosing where the proceeds go
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I want to be a Giving Hearts School for 2022!

Jenny Olson headshot

Jenny Olson – Parent

When Jenny Olson hosted 45 students in her child’s first grade class on Giving Hearts Day last year, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what she had to say about how the students, teachers and administrators, and parents felt about it.

“I was blown away by how eight- and nine-year-olds immediately thought beyond themselves. They didn’t choose to give to the local sports teams they may be a part of. They chose to give to causes that represented people they knew with a real need. Several kids, without hesitation, immediately chose to direct their dollars to Gigi’s Playhouse, because one of their classmate buddies has Down syndrome. To see them so easily and quickly take that opportunity to celebrate, lift up, and embrace their classmate was touching.”

child standing in front of photo backdrop holding a #countme sign

Evelyn Kieffer – Student

Evelyn’s school, Aurora Elementary in West Fargo, participated in the Kindness Bingo Challenge and she won a $10 gift card which she donated to Cats Cradle Shelter in Fargo.

“The bingo game was so fun and I was so excited to get to give to those sweet kitties that don’t have a home. It made me feel like I was helping the world.”

students holding a check for the back pack program on giving hearts day

Carl Ben Eielson Middle School – Teachers

Jessica Magnuson and Tara Shilling developed a project based learning (PBL) activity for their sixth graders at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School. The students worked in collaborative teams to research the makeup of our community and created a plan to raise awareness and support for a nonprofit of their choice.

“One student stood up and said, ‘Actually, we are all winners here because so much money is going to help nonprofits around the area just because we did this project!’” Jessica recalls. “It was so great to see the students not only supporting the community, but each other as well.”