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What is a Giving Hearts School?

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Being a Giving Hearts School simply means bringing generosity to your classroom!

There is no financial obligation to participate. Each school and classroom is encouraged to get involved in the capacity that is fulfilling to them! The only requirement is to have fun!

Whether you choose to use the resources available to you or put your own unique take on it, you are playing a pivotal role in bringing kindness and generosity to the next generation!

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We have professionally-developed, age-appropriate activities and projects available for your use. Take a peak at some of your options below!

Elementary School

Introduce concepts of kindness, community, and volunteerism. General knowledge of nonprofits and how to help will be covered as well.

Middle School

Expand on concepts of kindness and community and introduce research into local nonprofits. Students can learn how we are all connected and why giving is good.

High School

Lessons that activate students for a life of service and community engagement. Focus on finding passion and putting it into action.

Additional Resources

Helpful and informative links and resources to supplement any project or plan.

How does it work?

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Magnuson Jessica

Jessica Magnuson
Literacy Partner Coach
Carl Ben Eielson Middle School, Fargo, ND

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Jessica Magnuson is a middle school literacy coach at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in Fargo, North Dakota. Prior to this position, she was a sixth grade science, language arts, and advisory teacher for 15 years. During two of those years, she also taught a section of sixth grade social studies. Jessica earned a Bachelor of Science in elementary education from Minnesota State University Moorhead (2004) and a Master’s degree in Teaching with Technology from Valley City State University (2009). She later earned a Middle Level Endorsement from North Dakota State University. She was recently named the 2021 Fargo Public Schools Teacher of the Year. Jessica understands the power of literacy and collaboration. As a literacy coach, she works with teachers to implement effective engagement and literacy strategies in all content areas. Jessica believes in the ability of all students to learn at high levels. She is passionate about educating young adolescents in a way that makes learning interdisciplinary, challenging, exploratory, and relevant. As a sixth grade teacher, Jessica implemented many different project based opportunities for students to learn about Giving Hearts Day and their role as helpers in the community.



Jazmyne Reinke
English Language Arts and English Learners Teacher
Davies High School, Fargo, ND

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Jazmyne Reinke is an English Language Arts and English Learners teacher at Davies High School in Fargo, ND. She also advises the journalism courses and student newspaper in addition to advising for the Pride Club/GSA for her high school. She enjoys seeing her students grow throughout their time in school, and she believes every student has a cause they want to speak up for. She designed the Giving Hearts Day Project based on a previous unit she taught in her English I course. From the original unit, she saw first-hand how student voice and choice led to increased engagement in her classroom while still assessing key skills. She hopes you find the same passion within your students and that this mini-unit offers authentic growth and opportunity for your community of learners.


Jenny Olson headshot

Jenny Olson – Parent

When Jenny Olson hosted 45 students in her child’s first grade class on Giving Hearts Day last year, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Here’s what she had to say about how the students, teachers and administrators, and parents felt about it.

“I was blown away by how eight- and nine-year-olds immediately thought beyond themselves. They didn’t choose to give to the local sports teams they may be a part of. They chose to give to causes that represented people they knew with a real need. Several kids, without hesitation, immediately chose to direct their dollars to Gigi’s Playhouse, because one of their classmate buddies has Down syndrome. To see them so easily and quickly take that opportunity to celebrate, lift up, and embrace their classmate was touching.”

child standing in front of photo backdrop holding a #countme sign

Evelyn Kieffer – Student

Evelyn’s school, Aurora Elementary in West Fargo, participated in the Kindness Bingo Challenge and she won a $10 gift card which she donated to Cats Cradle Shelter in Fargo.

“The bingo game was so fun and I was so excited to get to give to those sweet kitties that don’t have a home. It made me feel like I was helping the world.”

students holding a check for the back pack program on giving hearts day

Carl Ben Eielson Middle School – Teachers

Jessica Magnuson and Tara Shilling developed a project based learning (PBL) activity for their sixth graders at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School. The students worked in collaborative teams to research the makeup of our community and created a plan to raise awareness and support for a nonprofit of their choice.

“One student stood up and said, ‘Actually, we are all winners here because so much money is going to help nonprofits around the area just because we did this project!’” Jessica recalls. “It was so great to see the students not only supporting the community, but each other as well.”