Become A Partner | Giving Hearts Day - a Fundraising Event for Charities



  • Invite your friends and family to join you
  • Share Giving Hearts Day-related content on social media
  • Pick up a yard sign (or 10!)
  • Sign up for Giving Hearts Day reminders
  • Ask your business or school to participate
  • Turn your office or home red on Giving Hearts Day
  • Give your time or treasure on Giving Hearts Day
    • Give $10 or more
    • Purchase a gift card(s)
    • Volunteer
    • Attend a charity event
  • Sponsor your child’s classroom with Giving Hearts Day gift cards (maybe even host an event)

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  • Week of gratitude – In the days leading up to Giving Hearts Day, have each member of your family write something they’re grateful for. Then, on the day itself, give to charities that are working to provide those same things for others. Download this free activity to help you get started!
  • Spend, save, give jars – This one is for the kids. Have your little ones set aside some money each day/week/month in their piggy bank – some to spend, some to save, and some to give. Then, have them use the “give” funds to donate to their favorite charity on Giving Hearts Day.
  • Snowbank signs – Pick up some Giving Hearts day snowbank signs at Dakota Medical Foundation (and while you’re at it, turn your snowbanks red!)
  • BingoDownload our free Giving Hearts Day bingo card by clicking here, and host a fun family game night
  • Giving Gathering – Host a Giving Gathering, and tell friends and family about your favorite charity


a young boy and his mom holding a #countme sign and smiling at the camera

Dr. Sue and Grant Mathison
Dr. Sue Mathison and her son, Grant, have been a part of Giving Hearts Day since the event began in 2008. Each year, they sit down and go through the giving profile of every participating charity, and Grant chooses which ones to give to. Last year, the Mathisons sponsored Grant’s entire classroom, providing each student with a $10 Giving Hearts Day gift card.

Kembri Man in red suit sitting at a desk interviewing a child and adult - Kambri Jensen

Kembri Jensen
Kembri is a youth entrepreneur who founded Kembri’s Kreations, a company that makes and sells bath bombs. Last year, Kembri’s Kreations donated all proceeds raised on Giving Hearts Day to Churches United for the Homeless, a shelter in Moorhead, Minnesota.