Giving Hearts Day 2023 Announces Top Charity Fundraisers - Giving Hearts Day

Giving Hearts Day 2023 Announces Top Charity Fundraisers

It was another successful Giving Hearts Day, a 24-hour fundraising event benefitting more than 560 nonprofits throughout North Dakota and northwest Minnesota. Charities raised $26,155,280 from 41,907 donors.

Audited figures indicate that 90,351 total donations were made. Giving Hearts Day charities have now raised nearly $165 million since the event’s inception in 2008. Donors also had the opportunity to pledge to volunteer, pledge to give goods, or drop off food donations at one of dozens of businesses around the region. There were 1,717 volunteer pledges made, 102 goods pledged, and 8,559 pounds of food donated.

The top five charities in small-, medium-, and large-budget categories were as follows:

Annual Operating Budget $250,000 or Less

  1. Riverview Foundation
  2. Memory Cafe of the Red River Valley
  3. Landon’s Light Foundation
  4. Cat’s Cradle Shelter
  5. HOPE, Inc.


Annual Operating Budget $250,001-$999,999

  1. West River Health Services Foundation
  2. Gianna & Pietro Molla Maternity Home
  3. Park Christian School
  4. Amistad Worldwide
  5. Homeward Animal Shelter


Annual Operating Budget $1 Million or More

  1. Fargo Park District Foundation
  2. YWCA Cass Clay
  3. Oak Grove Lutheran School
  4. New Life Center
  5. Great Plains Food Bank