Harvest Hope Farm - Giving Hearts Day

Harvest Hope Farm

It’s never too late to set big goals, even if it’s two days before Giving Hearts Day, and Harvest Hope Farm did just that. Setting their sights on the Backyard & Beyond Award, they sought donors from each US state and succeeded in making new friends all over the US.

It’s no surprise this mission was able to acquire so many new friends so quickly. Once you learn about the furry friends on the farm, you’re hooked! Harvest Hope Farm provides hands-on farm experiences and education regarding sustainable food resources and environmental stewardship, all with the goal of enhancing physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial well-being of others.

Life on the Farm

A Giving Hearts Day participant for four years now, Harvest Hope Farm depends on this day to fund their Farm Camp programs. These opportunities are provided for a variety of ages and abilities to visit the farm and enhance their social and emotional skills while immersing themselves into life on the farm.

These agricultural experiences are something that people could potentially go their whole lives without having. Through Harvest Hope Farm, they’re given the opportunity to not only experience it, but to see the benefits of their hard work actively improving the lives of others.

The team describes walking onto the farm like “walking into a ray of hope for our future.” Click below to see how you can get involved and experience it yourself!  

GHD Awards are co-sponsored by Bush Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation.