Partners FAQ - Giving Hearts Day

Partners FAQ


Absolutely! There are no limits to how small or large a businesses can be to promote Giving Hearts Day.

If you’d like to participate, signups for GHD 2025 will open later this year. In the meantime, we encourage you to join our email list!

A Giving Hearts Day Matching Program is a great way to offer your employees matching funds for their Giving Hearts Day online donation with minimal administrative work for the business.

Your company has the ability to set match parameters around how much per employee they will match. You will receive a custom URL link that your employees may use to enter the site, make their donation to the charity of their choice, and see your company match within their cart. This allows the employee to see the impact of the full gift and allows the match to be made in real-time. It will also be counted toward the charity’s Giving Hearts Day total.

Here are some ways that your company can customize the matching experience:

  • Set amount of matching funds per employee
  • Set how many employees can access the matching funds
  • Select a charity, charity type or service area to match donations
  • Match any charity your employee supports

Signups for match links will open later this year!

Giving Hearts Day is a great place to start promoting a give-back culture in your workplace. Giving Hearts Day offers a built-in platform to promote local charities and give your employees the ability to support the charity of their choice. Our team would love to give you the tools and resources you need to start implementing Giving Hearts Day and a giving culture in your business.

More information about participating in Giving Hearts Day 2025 will be coming later this year! To be updated, sign up to our email list below!


Giving Heart Day is not only a day of giving, but a day of gratitude, kindness and community awareness. These concepts can be introduced and integrated into any school for students of any age. We’d love to work with you to support any curriculum that fits in with your school’s culture and capacities.

We are currently offering businesses the opportunity to sponsor gift cards for local schools, but you may want to consider checking in with your PTO or business sponsors that already exists with your school.

Philanthropy can be an overwhelming concept to young people who believe that they have nothing to give. Use Giving Hearts Day as a fun and easy way to let people know that giving back can be a donation of time, talent or treasure. Ask students what they are grateful for and how they would feel if they did not have those things, like a safe home, food, or family pet.

Please visit our school page to learn more!

Individuals & Families

There are many ways to be involved in Giving Hearts Day as an individual!

  • Help spread the work of Giving Hearts Day with your church, service club, or business.
  • Use social media to support Giving Hearts Day and/or a charity you love.
  • Dedicate time for yourself or your family to experience giving on Giving Hearts Day.
  • Sponsor the next generation of givers by providing gift cards to a school classroom.
  • Reach out to a local charity and see if they need any volunteers for their Giving Hearts Day campaign.

Please contact us for more ideas and resources at 701-356-3135 or