The Summer Performing Arts Company - Giving Hearts Day

The Summer Performing Arts Company

The arts continue to have a special place in the hearts of many in our region, and it’s clear to see in the Summer Performing Arts (SPA) Company’s support received this Giving Hearts Day.

SPA is the largest summer arts program in the Greater Grand Forks area. They educate students of all ages and abilities, foster their creativity, and develop their character in an Arts-filled environment. And a big part of their Giving Hearts Day campaign counts on engaging past participants of the program.

Much of Giving Hearts Day is spent engaging the program’s alumni and activating the community to give back to the arts. This year, they placed first in donor retention, so it’s clear that they have the lasting support of the people they serve.

With the public school district making budget realignments, support from Giving Hearts Day couldn’t have come at a better time for SPA. With the money raised, they will be able to continue their summer Band program as well as their Arts program for students with special needs and abilities. Funds will also go toward providing guest artists for the district’s Multilingual Learner summer school, offsetting costs for Band and Orchestra lessons, and providing program scholarships to families that request financial assistance.

Last year, more than 1,000 children and students participated in the program, without a single one being turned away due to financial constraints. SPA also continues to grow in the programs they provide and the staff leading each program without having to limit enrollment. Not only is the program a gift to the students whose lives it enriches but it’s also a gift to the community that comes to see SPA students shine in these productions. Last summer saw a total of 14,000 audience members showing their support and appreciation for the arts.

The Summer Performing Arts Company will continue to provide enriching productions for the many students they serve, thanks in large part to their donors that support them time and time again. A standing ovation is to a performance as a returning donor is to a charity, and the Summer Performing Arts Company has achieved both.

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