Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue - Giving Hearts Day

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue

Kissing booths and a pink beard – that’s what Giving Hearts Day looked like for Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue (TMAR) this year! These things and more seemed to capture the hearts of many in our region and beyond. TMAR achieved two Backyard & Beyond awards; one for having donors from the most US states and another for having donors from the most Minnesota cities.

The animal rescue has partnered with Scheels over the past couple of Giving Hearts Days to host a puppy kissing booth where supporters could join both online and in person to meet some of the furry friends. New this year, TMAR Founder Keith offered to dye his beard pink if their donors could help them reach the last $10K of their goal. As you can see in this video, their donors came through!

TMAR is certainly familiar with widespread fame. The adorable kitties and puppies they care for attract people from all over to tune into their live Facebook videos, offering an inside look at the goings-on of the shelter. These videos are typically hosted by TMAR Founder Keith, but the organization is made up of hundreds of volunteers helping with adoption coordination, transportation, fostering, kennel cleaning, creating social media content, and more!

This team comes together to save thousands of animals each year. Serving in a community where veterinary access is sparse, they certainly have their work cut out for them in shaping local attitudes toward strays, encouraging responsible pet ownership, and advocating for the humane treatment of animals.

A Vision for a New Shelter

All of this is done out of a rented building that serves as their rescue, but thanks to a successful Giving Hearts Day, they’re one step closer to finishing their new shelter. But this won’t be your typical animal shelter – the goal is for the shelter to offer resources for the surrounding communities like low cost spay and neuter, vaccination clinics, and a place to care for rescued animals. Additionally, the team aims to also have a youth center attached to the building, where kids can learn by participating in the rescue and care of animals.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue has a lot in store for the animals and people they serve! Click below to see how you can show your support.

GHD Awards are co-sponsored by Bush Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation.