Global Friends Coalition - Giving Hearts Day

Global Friends Coalition

Global Friends Coalition is working to foster New American integration in the Greater Grand Forks community through education, empowerment, and a welcoming community. This year, they saw a leap in new donors for Giving Hearts Day, putting them in first place for New Donor Growth!

Part of this growth could be attributed to a new initiative of Global Friends Coalition that is working to resettle refugees. This allowed them to gain some new donors in support of welcoming displaced individuals.

Giving Hearts Day gifts go a long way for newly-arrived refugees. Global Friends Coalition locates and puts together fully furnished apartments for newly resettled families. These donations allow them to add the extra finishing touches that transform them from a standard apartment into a home. 

As an affiliate of Church World Service, the people that are served through Global Friends Coalition are fully vetted and legal to work. Although a small organization, they are able to work hands-on with the families they serve and help them become self-sufficient members of the community.

More than 110 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide right now, and thanks to Global Friends Coalition, families that end up in the Greater Grand Forks area can feel safe knowing they have a place to call home.

GHD Awards are co-sponsored by Bush Foundation and Dakota Medical Foundation.