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Charities Need Our Help

A series of surveys have been distributed to nearly 500 charities across North Dakota and northwest Minnesota to assess how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted their ability to achieve their organization’s mission. These are the hardships they’re currently facing as of 4/22/20.

Current Challenges and Conerns

How Communities Can Support Charities

Dakota Medical Foundation’s COVID-19 Crisis Support Efforts


The rapid escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic has created great uncertainty for families, businesses, and nonprofits. If one thing is certain, though, it’s that people in our region will rise to the occasion. We are calling on our communities to come together to ensure health, stability, and hope for a bright future. Now, more than ever, is the time to provide help to all our neighbors who can’t help themselves.

Listed below are the ways that Dakota Medical Foundation and our generous partners are supporting our charity partners and community. We invite you to join us.

  • relaunched as a hub for donations, posting of volunteer opportunities and need of new & used goods.
  • Regional Nonprofit Surveys – Understanding urgent needs and the impact the pandemic is having on their organization.
  • High Impact Institute – The 400-plus charities in our network have been invited to rapidly adapt their operations through the High Impact Institute’s new COVID-19 tools, trainings, and resources.
  • Masks for the Community – To help keep charity workers on the front lines as safe and healthy as possible, we’ve purchased 5,500 N95 respirator masks to be distributed to nonprofits across North Dakota and northwest Minnesota.

Help our regional charities weather the COVID-19 crisis. There are many ways to help.