Hospice of the Red River Valley - Giving Hearts Day

Hospice of the Red River Valley

Covering more than 50,000 square miles in their service region, Hospice of the Red River Valley has touched the lives of many, and their reach grows more every year. The team placed in two different categories this Giving Hearts Day; Third place in Fundraising Growth and Second place in fundraising for the Large Budget category.

A big theme of their Giving Hearts Day campaign this year was collaboration. In Fargo, they partnered with Soul Solutions Recovery Center and Heart ‘n’ Soul Community Cafe to host an event called Hope ‘n’ Oats. The idea for this was centered around bringing people together and strengthening community bonds. Over in Bismarck, Touchmark hosted two events where the proceeds were donated to Hospice of the Red River Valley. Each of these events were firsts for the Hospice team, and it’s clear they were successful in spreading awareness about who they are.

Feet on the Ground

Aside from collaborating with community partners, Hospice of the Red River Valley also took it to their own team. The staff got involved by showcasing the work they do for the organization, and explaining why their “feet are on the ground” for Hospice of the Red River Valley. 

It’s powerful to show their staff out and about doing the work of Hospice of the Red River Valley, because they aim to serve each individual wherever it is that they call home. They are providing specialized care for individuals at the end of their life, so that they can pass away in comfort and with dignity. During such a vulnerable time, where they may be faced with the choice to remain home without care or forced to leave the place they’ve called home for years, the option to receive care at home is a gift for them and their loved ones.

While it’s primarily thought of as end of life care, the Hospice of the Red River Valley team looks at it differently. It’s really about living – living during life’s later chapters and making lasting memories together. That’s why they are there to care for individuals not just in the final days or hours of life, but as long as up to six months, sometimes more based on clinical eligibility.

Hospice may be covered by insurance, but Hospice of the Red River Valley’s services go beyond that, which is what Giving Hearts Day donations will help provide. This includes their rural reach, special volunteer projects, veterans services, and extensive grief and bereavement programming which is available to anyone who has experienced a loss whether or not their loved one received services from Hospice of the Red River Valley.

The dignity and care provided to their patients is priceless, and they aim to provide each person with that opportunity no matter where they are geographically or in their lifetime.

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