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Giving Hearts Day gift cards are the gift that keeps on giving! Help your employees, customers, clients, members, and beyond experience the joy of giving by getting them a GHD gift card.

The GHD gift cards work just like a regular gift card, except instead of a “purchase”, the gift card dollars are donated to a charity of the recipient’s choice.

There are so many fun ways to utilize GHD gift cards. From employee Christmas gifts to event prizes, to social media giveaways, to random acts of kindness… and everything in between.

We have both physical gift cards and e-gift cards available.

*GHD gift card link coming fall 2023! 



Yes! At the time of purchase, you can decide if you’d like physical GHD gift cards, if you’d like e-gift card codes sent to you, or a combination of both.

Physical cards can be picked up at the Dakota Medical Foundation office or mailed to you. 

Yes! Here is how it works: When someone receives a GHD gift card, they then can go to and the funds on that gift card will be gifted to a charity of their choice. They will simply find a charity(ies) online, enter in an amount to donate, proceed to the cart to check out, and then there will be an area to redeem the GHD gift card. You enter in the card number on the back of the physical card (or the e-gift card code provided) in the designated spot, and the user will see the gift card amount appear for the donation.

A $10 GHD gift card is good for a $10 donation to a charity – no transaction fees!

Yes, the minimum donation amount for a single Giving Hearts Day gift card (or any online donation) is $10.

When a gift card(s) is purchased, the person buying the gift card is required to select one participating charity for any unused funds to go to. This means that 100% of the gift will go to a Giving Hearts Day charity and no funds will be left unused.

Yes! Once scheduled giving opens for Giving Hearts Day (the first week in January), GHD gift cards can be utilized.

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