The Giving Hearts Day Matching Program is a great way to offer your employees matching funds for their Giving Hearts Day online donation with minimal administrative work for the business. (In fact, organizations have told us that we’ve eliminated a day’s worth of work because our system does the work for you – and it’s FREE!)

Your company has the ability to set match parameters around how much per employee you will match. You will receive a custom URL link that your employees should use to enter the Giving Hearts Day site, make their donation to the charity of their choice, and see your company match within their cart. This allows the employee to see the full impact of their gift and allows the match to be made in real-time and count toward the charity’s Giving Hearts Day total. Your company will then be invoiced post-GHD for payment.

Download this form to learn more about the details!

*Match URL requests are closed for GHD 2024.



Sister companies Enclave & Valor Contracting offer matching gifts to employees.

West Acres offers matching dollars plus gives GHD gift cards to their employees to encourage and inspire giving.

Gate City Bank offers matching dollars for financial gifts and for volunteer hours.


Yes! If you have an existing system set up to manage matching employee donations that you want to use instead of our custom URL link, please do so. Donations can be made online at or checks can be given direct to charities by end of day February 8, 2024.
Yes, the custom employee match URL link for your business is ONLY usable and working on Giving Hearts Day, Thursday, February 8, 2024, and is not available for scheduled giving. It is important to clearly communicate this with your team to help avoid any confusion.
Yes! If you request the custom URL link above for your organization, you will receive a report based on the activity from your employees using that link including: a charity list your employees gave to, number of employees participating, total campaign amount raised. (You do not have to match employee dollars to request a custom link – you can request a link for tracking only purposes).
We try to make it as easy as possible for you! (No more tracking down employee receipts on your end). Based on the parameters you set for your organization’s matching dollars, the Giving Hearts Day team will send an invoice post-GHD and payment will need to be received within 30 days from the invoice. Payment by check or credit card accepted.
If there are unused matching dollars left at the end of Giving Hearts Day, we have an option for you to select one participating charity for the remainder of your dollars to be gifted to. This is filled out on the employee match URL link request form above.
If you only wish to gift the amount of match dollars used by your employees, you can select this option on the custom URL link request form above. You will then only be invoiced for what was used.
The minimum donation amount on is $10, therefore the minimum matching amount per employee (if you decide to set your link up on a by-employee basis) is $10.
If we haven’t answered all of your questions here, please reach out to!