Business Partners | Giving Hearts Day - a Fundraising Event for Charities


Did you know that you can be part of the Giving Hearts Day movement through volunteering?

If your organization coordinates volunteering events or offers volunteering benefits to employees – we want to include you as Giving Hearts Business. Using our site, you can sign up for volunteering opportunities as a team or have employees pledge to give of their time within the calendar year.

Is your organization new to volunteering? Now is the perfect time to start! Volunteer opportunities are updated and on our site year-round to help you quickly and easily find ways to get involved.

Experience the joy of giving by sharing your time and talents with local charities. Click here to access thousands of volunteer opportunities in our region!



Nope, not at all! Our intent is have organizations and employees pledge to give their time and talents through volunteerism to a participating charity within the calendar year. Volunteering can be done at the time that works best for you.

If your team does want to get involved on Giving Hearts Day or leading up to the day, we encourage you to reach out to a charity of your choice and see if you can help them in any way! It could be to volunteer with their GHD campaign, to write thank you notes to donors on their behalf, to be a social media ambassador for them, and more!

Hundreds of local charities are listing their current volunteer opportunities right here on the Giving Hearts Day site! You can filter by charity type or by what kind of volunteer opportunity you are looking for. Start by clicking HERE!

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